There's a reason Malaysia is one of the world's best shopping destinations and Malaysians' passion for retail consumerism generates tourism and helps drive the economy. With a deep insight into the consumer and business behaviours of the country's inhabitants and its visitors, we continue to innovate in the development of commercial property, to date managing more than 1.8 million square feet of business and office space, while always remaining dedicated to quality and professionalism for all who experience them.


Our extensive experience in the maintenance and care of commercial and institutional buildings and our drive to provide the very best in professional, structured facilities management is expressed through our subsidiary, UDA Dayaurus. We are able to provide highly tailored and fully comprehensive FM contracts, either directly our through outsourcing to our carefully vetted supplier partners. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee excellence of service, combined with our values of passion, honesty and integrity.


Managing hotels and resorts, operating restaurants and recreation centres. Our wide array of services and facilities ensure that we can fulfil a variety of needs, both for business and pleasure. From an overnight bed and breakfast to luxury resort weekends, we are with the nation through their work, rest and play.

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